03 May 2006

UK Youth Heading To Sai Baba Abuse

With all we have to worry about regarding Sathya Sai Baba's extremely worrying craze for homosexual paedophilia, that have been uncovered and exposed by way of sensational newspaper articles in the international media as well as two television documentaries (one by the BBC), we've uncovered disturbing news that the Sai Youth of UK are heading to Sai Baba's home base of Puttaparthi in order to participate in the Baba's 81st birthday celebrations and other welfare works during the week of 23rd November 2006.

Nice picture, shame about the (ISKCON) copyright violations. A click on the title of this post will enable a download of the 18th February (2006) Meeting Report from the official Sai Youth website whereby a brief account was given of the events that transpired. Among other very worrying (and also humorous) happenings, it was revealed that Shitu Chudasama - the National UK Youth Co-ordinator - outlined the "nuts and bolts" of the upcoming trip:

  • In April 2004, Bhagawan gave a Divine Commandment for the entire Youth of UK to come in November 2006.
  • Those youth who are eligible to come on the trip must be between 16yrs – 35yrs, although 15yrs olds will be considered. Youth must be living in UK, have no expectations of interview, proximity, seating etc…. and most important of all be flexible at all times and be prepared to expect the unexpected.
  • All youth who enrol on the National Youth Pilgrimage will automatically go forward to receive a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award providing they meet the criteria set by the National Youth Pilgrimage, the Sadhana programme and the Award Scheme.
  • Dates: We are planning to leave between 11th – 12th November 2006, returning back on either 25th – 26th November 2006 (subject to airlines).
  • GUIDELINES: Each youth that decides to join the group must: Adhere to the Sadhana Plan for the Pilgrimage, Attend all Monthly Meetings, Attend all the All-night bhajans, Attend the extra-curricular courses that will be on offer to you to broaden your spiritual knowledge. More information to follow. This trip is not about interviews; the basic rule is we must have no expectations whatsoever. Please note that if you do not want to follow these guidelines you may be refused permission to join.
  • This trip is about Personal and Spiritual Development: On a Spiritual level - Spiritual transformation; Inner level – help youth establish a 1-2-1 relationship with Swami; Physical level - is to take ordinary Sai Youth and bring back Leaders
  • We are not taking a musical choir or cultural programme – U.K has been exemplary in the musical items and cultural programmes that it has taken to Swami since the early 80s. We have received much grace as a nation.
  • However now we must show Bhagawan that we are mature, responsible adults. We cannot keep demanding. We must lead the World by example. Let us go there, and fully focus and contemplate on the Lord. Only then will we be worthy recipients of His grace.

My, what can I say? I can only express my concentrated revulsion and disgust at the fact that Sai Baba has invited the entire UK Youth to visit him a full two years before the occasion. It's easy to see what's on his mind if even 15-year-olds are accepted, bearing in mind that the UK Age of Consent for sexual relations is 16. The old pervert has been drooling for exactly 24 months now and is set to salivate for a further six months before he can make a grab for the baby oil with his filthy paws.

What to speak of the Youth setting their sights on the achievement of Duke of Edinburgh Awards. For what exactly? Clearly this is yet another brazen attempt to garner publicity for the Sai Organisation. We can take it for granted that, should the Youth attain these Awards, they will be broadcasting their accomplishment all over the place as they do with everything else, and of course they will put it all down to the "grace" of Sai Baba. This is unbelievable. Something has to be done; a whole plane-load of fresh adolescent boys flying to India for Sai Baba to drool and perve all over them, this cannot happen.

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