05 May 2006

Shitu Chudasama - Man With A Plan

With reference to the previous blog about the upcoming UK National Youth Pilgrimage 2006, a further report available for download from the Sai Youth website informs us of the 'Sadhana Plan' that every youth member is expected to follow on a daily basis without fail. And all so that they are physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for their great meeting with God this November. Never mind that "God" invited all of them two years ago, and is likely to have ulterior motives with so much fresh and budding youth around and may well partake of the forbidden fruit as per his usual habits.

The Youth must engage upon the following daily programme:

  • Stepping Stone 1 – Namasmarana (chanting of the Name)
  • Stepping Stone 2 – Fasting once a week
  • Stepping Stone 3 – Conducting Weekly Youth Study Circles
  • Stepping Stone 4 – Ceiling on Desires Programme
  • Stepping Stone 5 – Communication with Parents
  • Stepping Stone 6 – Supporting the Centre
  • Stepping Stone 7 – Eat Healthily and practice Vegetarianism
  • Stepping Stone 8 – Practice Daily Jyoti Meditation
  • Stepping Stone 9 – No Mixing between Boys and Girls at Sai Events

Now some of these things are par for the course when it comes to spirituality and following the spiritual path, but it is interesting to see how certain things have been interpreted and what Sai Baba has to say on certain elements. Let's check it out:

Fasting One Day a Week -

"At the World Youth Conferences in 1997 and 1999 Swami instructed youth to Control their senses."
Now this is funny, especially since I personally attended the 1997 Youth Conference when I was still a devotee. Sathya Sai Baba's message would have gained that added conviction and been much more effective if he wasn't found to have been boffing one of the boys there at the time.

"What is involved with this sort of fasting is as follows: you should have only one proper meal a day. You may snack on as many Fruits and Nuts throughout the day as you like and you may also drink Milk (hot/cold) and various fruit juices. To get started you need to choose a particular day of the week and stick to it until we go in November e.g. Many Sai Baba devotees fast on a Thursday, Thursday is the day of the Guru and by fasting on a Thursday, many devotees of Sai Baba feel that they are able to focus on him more throughout the day. This type of fasting is one that is advocated in the ancient Vedas and Upanishads. It was done in ancient times, and also done by many people today, to please the Lord."

Well, not strictly. If ancient Vedas and Upanishads are brought to the table then we may well go ahead and strongly suggest the observance of Ekadashi, which is a practice grounded in ancient Vedic tradition and which has received scant attention in the Sai Organisation so far despite it's mandatory status in said traditions. And of course they must fast on the obligatory Thursday, why not?

Youth Study Circles -

"It was concluded at a meeting of overseas Central Co-ordinators during Swami’s 80th Birthday celebrations that Youth are not diving deep into Swami’s teachings. In order to understand the mission and teachings of Swami, youth should hold regular study circles. Therefore, the 3rd Steeping Stone of our Pilgrimage sadhana is to conduct weekly-bi-weekly Study circles across the country. I would like each youth to go back to their centres and organise weekly study circles. Youth should meet in a disciplined manner, read and put into practice Swami’s discourses especially the discourses given by Swami at the World Youth Conferences in 1997 and 1999. Spend a few moments meditating together and discussing how you are going to aid your own spiritual transformation."

Yes, because it's not enough that they're brainwashed already, Mr. Shitu, they require further treatment before they achieve that elite status of mindlezz zombification whereby complete self-surrender is offered to Sai Baba and he shalt do what he wilt with them.

Eat Healthily & Practise Vegetarianism

"Try this for the next 9 months and see how good you feel!"

Followed-up with no less than five anti-meat quotes by Sai Baba, it leaves you wondering how seriously Sai devotees take the teachings never mind the youth. Whereby Sai Baba has repeatedly exhorted his followers to give up eating meat and whereas they continue to disobey him on this point, it only remains to be seen whether any hardcore carnivores among the Sai Youth can manage to make and keep a serious commitment to halting their consumption of meat and meat products from now until November. Good luck boys! At the same time it break our heart to see the difficulties of getting Sai devotees to do the smallest thing for example, in regards to your earnings, why dressing-up and similar events are frowned upon.

No Mixing Between Boys & Girls At Sai Organisation Events

This is so good that I may as well include the three quotations from Sai Baba in support of this point:

"No mixing between Boys and Girls at Sai Organisation events. This is a request that has come direct from Swami. If we are true devotees and want to please him then we should pay heed to his likes and dislikes. Youth should always bear in mind that they are members of a spiritual organisation not a social organisation. The aim of the Organisation is to 'help man recognise the inherent divinity within him'."

“Swami does not like Boys mixing with Girls” – Sathya Sai Baba, Nov 2001

“These gatherings have to be taken seriously and a sincere desire to know more must enthuse your every moment. They are not to be used for promoting personal contacts and social mixing” – Sathya Sai Baba, May 1979

"In today’s world, it is important that young people understand the nature of love. Many mix with members of the opposite sex, calling them boy friend and girlfriend. If you really love each other you must get married and not continue living as friends. Young people should learn what is truth, what is love, what is God, and what is the relationship between the mind and the world. Fear sin and uphold morality in society. Radiate human values and ensure unity in thought, word and deed". – Sathya Sai Baba, 17-7-1997

Right. Not that I approve of or encourage premarital sex, promiscuity, teenage pregnancies and the like, but does Mr. Shitu understand the true consequences of separating adolescent males and females? When it goes on even amongst the Baba's students and is covered up by the staff to protect reputations and prestige, one wonders who is really making the genuine and honest efforts at truth, purity and holiness here.

So Shitu Chudasama, the man with a plan, this is the formula that each Sai Youth must follow in order to make himself or herself a perfect candidate to be worthy Sai devotees. One can only dream of someone grabbing every ounce of self-rspect they stil have and wake up from the delusion that they're all being coerced into believing as reality.

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