02 May 2006

Naughty Children: Simon Brace

Next in line for a spank is Simon Brace (Nottingham, UK).

Simon, to put it mildly, appears to be something of an enigma. Sometimes he speaks a most serious way and the next minute he'll recklessly reel off a list of wild allegations that are tantamount to severe defamation and slander that can open himself up to legal action. Where do I start with this fellow?

Simon Brace's spiritual loyalties appear to be divided between several different gurus; as well as being a devotee of Sai Baba he also claims allegiance to Maitreya, a figure who is who is waiting for the right moment to emerge as the World Messiah. Whereas Maitreya is currently an invisible master, he can apparently be found living in a house in Brick Lane, East London.

Discussions with Brace (if you can call them discussions) have revealed that he also has severely disjointed thinking in formulating his thoughts which unfortunately portray him as an incoherent loon. Aside from his eccentric spiritual musings, his mundane thoughts have worryingly revealed him to be a dangerous alcoholic who is notable for being aggressive to people while under the influence. Racism, foul-mouthed abuse, sex obsession, pointless argumentation, interests in paedophilia, homo-erotic flirtation with other men, fascinations with male genitalia and anuses, and public admiration for Adolf Hitler are a few other interesting character quirks. It goes without saying that he is deeply influenced by his pals Lisa De Witt and Gerald 'Joe' Moreno, so much so that he jumps to their tune blindly believes whatever they say without applying even the slightest pinch of critical thinking.

But perhaps the most worrying issue with Simon Brace are his confessions to illegal activity; growing cannabis in his own home. In his own words:

i used to smoke...used to smoke ALOT all my money went on it
i had a room...a bedroom that was fillled with plants..a growing light
smoking was a BIG thing part of my life
one day..
i got BLASTED with this light...this energy
BLIIS pure bliss...freedom
minutes after...
i went into that roomm
and i destroyed all those plants
you know something else?
i9 didnt but any more ganja after that
but i dried those plants outs...smoked a few joints..

In case that wasn't clear, Simon Brace confessed to drug-farming with specialised equipment (heat lamps, "growing light") in order to feed his addiction, and that his drug habit was something that was a "BIG" part of his life as well as a considerable drain on his finances. Why go to all the trouble of growing the stuff if it wasn't to ensure a regular supply for drug-dealing? Surely Simon knew that what he was doing constituted criminal activity.

Simon later claimed that he smoked cannabis as a way of overcoming insomnia. With my recent blog about Sai devotees and their drug deals, this provides more fuel to the fire of suspicion that all is not well among the joyful and loving Sai family. At least, not amongst the sanctimonious bunch who relish pointing out the (real or imagined) faults of ex-devotees while seriously ignoring their own.

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