02 May 2006

Naughty Children: Gerald 'Joe' Moreno

Lisa De Witt / Simon Brace / Gerald 'Joe' Moreno

And finally we spank the third (and hopefully last) Sai-defender.

Gerald 'Joe' Moreno (New Mexico, USA) - This guy is so troubling that I truly do not know where to start. Despite initially claiming not to be a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba (more on this later) he has gone ahead and eclipsed Lisa De Witt as the main protagonist of the pro-Sai team of defence. Needless to say, this involves abusing, defaming and slandering a variety of anti-Sai activists and ex-devotees with all manner of spurious claims and irresponsible half-baked arguments to support a self-serving agenda. It is not an exaggeration to describe him as the undisputed king of nitpickers and armchair critics.

Another of his troubling claims is the fact that he himself claims to have been 'oiled' by Sai Baba. Careful readers of the Sathya Sai controversy will note that genital oilings are a common feature of Sai Baba's private 1-2-1 meetings with younger male devotees, whether or not they admit that the oiling is sexual in nature. Despite the wide reports of genital oilings of young boys and men by the Baba, it is strange to note how Gerald Moreno claims that his own oiling by Sai Baba was not a sexual occurrence by virtue of Sai Baba's hands being placed on Moreno's lower stomach. Although Moreno cannot give any coherent explanation for Sai Baba's questionable behaviour and why such oilings take place in the first instance, some have questioned the veracity of his own experience as evidenced by an exchange that took place between Gerald and B. Premanand.

One thing that is clear is that, despite claims to the contrary, Gerald appears to have suffered some sort of trauma along the way in his experiences with Sai Baba. As well as confessing on his personal webpage that he almost went insane twice, the thing that I find simultaneously curious and disturbing is his commitment to defending an alleged homosexual paedophile and murderer who claims to be God incarnated on earth, and that he is not a devotee of said pervert.

This non-devotee status is an interesting issue in itself. An earlier version of his webpage stated the following:

"I am not a Sathya Sai Baba devotee. Nevertheless, I have had many positive, powerful and spiritual experiences with SSB, as I have had with any other spiritual personalities. I do not belong to, go to, or affiliate myself with SSB Centers or the SSO."

Later, there was a significant change:

"I am not a Sathya Sai Baba devotee. I was a devotee from the age of 18 to the age of 25. I had/have basic philosophical differences of opinion, with several aspects to SSB's teachings (in particular, God Concepts & Karma), and I left the Sai Movement for that reason. Nevertheless, I have had many beautiful, powerful and spiritual experiences with SSB, as I have had with many other spiritual personalities. My opinion about Sathya Sai Baba (based on my personal experiences with him) is positive. I do not belong to, go to, or affiliate myself with SSB Centers or the SSO. I am an open-minded (but not gullible) agnostic."

Uh huh. I have strong suspicions that the reason he changed his position thus was because he was feeling the heat from people who were openly wondering why he has committed a significant amount of time and energy writing in defence of a troubled avatar who he does not believe in. It appears to have been a cynical move to gain legitimacy for his viewpoint by claiming that he has a reason for investment. Even then he fails, as his current activity does not represent his current beliefs about Sai Baba. He maintains a total of three pro-Sai sites and possibly more, two of which include devotional content with pictures, biographies, and the like. The amount of time he spends defending an individual he claims not to believe in frankly makes him look a little silly. Suffice it to say, he has no need to make "excuses" for Sathya Sai Baba because he himself believes that Sai Baba has sexually abused men.

As stated in his FAQ:

Click to see enlarged version.

In any case, and despite his efforts to defame ex-devotees, it appears that the general public do not seem very much interested in what he has to say. I know of at least three incidents where his arguments were ridiculed either in private or in public and where he lay thoroughly defeated and humiliated. The last one, which by all accounts left him suffering a pretty savage beating (under the name of 'Equalizer'), took place at the Guruphiliac blog during a comment-war on a negative piece about Sai Baba. That's a wonderful example of how, despite the rabid frothing-at-the-mouth caterwauling that Sai-defenders indulge in, people are far too uninterested and keep their eye on the ball with regards to Sai Baba's own crimes against his devotees. Whenever Gerald Moreno comes across a place where the Sai sex stories have entered the mainstream consciousness, you can be sure that is guaranteed to suffer a crushing defeat.

I mentioned the above in relation to his most recent activities; his embarassing failure at Guruphiliac enabled him to become full of rage and he promptly created an attack-page on his website against the webmaster of the Guruphiliac blog. A large part of his attack consisted of several references to human excrement (thirteen in all) which, to me, seemed entirely unreasonable. I had also noticed that, like his friends Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace, he also seemed to be developing an unhealthy fascination with the anus. How bitterly ironic that whereas Lisa and Simon develop fascinations for the orifice in question, Moreno goes even further and preoccupies himself with what is expelled from said orifice.

Judging by his personal website, Gerald appears to be something of a highly emotional fellow. When he doesn't suffer fits of plaintive weeping, he chants what he refers to as 'positive affirmations' to himself. Here is an example of one such affirmation:

"I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Grow! Grow! Grow! Despite being chopped, poisoned or pulled! My Roots are Deep and Alive! I Thrive where others fail! I never give up! I am a Persistently Positive weed! I Rule the Garden of My Life!"

Yes, this is the limit of Gerald Moreno's sense of self-esteem; he is a weed in the garden of his life. Upon realising how embarrassing this and other affirmations sounded for him, he remarked that I am providing him with plenty of 'fertilizer'. Indeed, just see how this connects with the anus and excrement fascinations as shown above; Gerald views himself as a weed covered with manure, animal excrement.

What ensued next in the Guruphiliac episode was interesting because it appeared that the Guruphiliac had enemies of his own. What else could Gerald Moreno do but ally with them in his own hateful crusade? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", indeed!

Unfortunately for Gerald, this alliance was to prove his undoing. His new friends were and are the ardent followers of Rasa von Werder, a female guru who appreciates monetary donations to build her own matriarchal church. A fair ambition you'd think, until it becomes clear that there is more to Ms. Werder than meets the eye. For a start, Rasa (real name Kellie Everts) believes that stripping for men at the age of 45 is an effective fundraising and recruitment strategy. Having slept with more than a thousand men by 1978 by her own admission, she has also made around nine appearances in Playboy magazine. If that wasn't enough to send you into a stunned silence, it turns out that Ms. Werder (a.k.a. 'Kinky Kellie') is a porn star who produces her own movies that regularly involve depraved and disgusting scenes of urination and simulated eating of excrement. Her website also hosts several pages of soft-porn pictures featuring her in licentious poses with other female models.

And Gerald 'Joe' Moreno is affiliated with these people?

It looks like his crusade to "expose the Sai Baba exposers" is doomed. Considering the haughty tone he often takes in his criticism of ex-devotees, it is unsurprising to note that he has nothing to say about the unsavoury proclivities of his compadres Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace. Another one bites the dust. Unsurprisingly, Gerald Moreno withdrew from public discussion after all of these embarrassing facts about his disturbing associations and scatology became public knowledge, although it is only a matter of time before he resurfaces elsewhere at another time.

UPDATE: Just seventeen minutes after this blog was last published, Gerald Moreno resurfaced and issued a denial of his affiliation with Rasa von Werder. After several weeks of this information being discussed in full public view, it took just seventeen minutes for him to do some damage control and save what was left of his reputation. Employing a pretence of innocence, Gerald claims that the only connection that exists is because Rasa von Werder provided a link to his SaiSathyaSai website on her own site. Clearly he forgot the extensive linking to his site on Rasa's other websites, yahoogroups and blogs as well as high praise for a "scholarly analysis" of Guruphiliac's psychology. The fact that Gerald holds no recognised qualifications in psychology or psychiatry, as well as the fact that his "scholarly" analysis was born out of being defeated on Guruphiliac's website and centered around excrement, says it all.

Gerald Moreno has slandered and maligned respectable and elderly people as being anti-Semites and much worse, simply because their writings were passed on from person to person and eventually ended up on sites of questionable affiliation. Using the same paltry standards, we have no problem with connecting Gerald Moreno to ex-porn stars who produce the most vile and disgusting perverted pornographic movies, what to speak of his direct affiliations with abusive and hateful Sai devotees who suffer from alcoholism and grow their own marijuana.

UPDATE May 5 2006: Embarrassed at his situation of being the most vocal defender of Sathya Sai Baba, of the latter's alleged crimes of homosexual paedophilia and murder amongst other things, Gerald 'Joe' Moreno has changed his own views on the issue of Sai Baba's sexual molestations of young males. Whereas previously he believed that Sai Baba was guilty of sexual abuse, he now claims to have retracted this view due to a development in a legal case against Sai Baba (to be discussed at a future date).

As per his FAQ:

Click to see enlarged version.

The fact remains that the case itself does not in any way deny the sex abuse claims of the plaintiff, and therefore we submit that Gerald has simply tried to find a convenient excuse to rid himself of the embarrassment he felt whenever his beliefs were pointed out to contradict his own actions. While also claiming not to be a Sai devotee, Gerald has exhibited the exact behaviour of a Sai devotee which is to flip-flop on his position on Sai Baba whenever facts are brought to light that further enunciate the fraud that is Sai Baba.

After this, he went back into hiding.

UPDATE June 15 2006: Gerald Moreno recently confessed to having dreams about me on his stalkblog. Among the more disturbing elements, he alleges dreaming of spying on me while being present in my private bedroom. His esteemed colleague, Lisa De Witt, also let slip on a public discussion board that Gerald had been having dreams of me on several other occasions.

Considering the extent and the efforts that Gerald has expended in demonising me on his stalkblog as well as publishing scurrillous attacks about me on his website, it has now become tragically evident that Moreno is completely consumed in his crazed and pathological obsession with me.

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno regularly updates his stalkblog by rehashing his malicious and distorted propaganda against me, as well as distorting issues in ways that suit his aggressive agenda,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has claimed to be observing complete celibacy on Sai Baba's direct and personal order to him,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has agreed that an apt description of his psychosexual state is that of asexuality, effectively stating that he harbours no attraction or sexual desires towards women,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has publicly displayed an engrossing fascination towards me, even going so far as to confess the contents of his dreams,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has publicly presented himself as an oversensitive and effusive spiritualist and bordering on outright effeminacy,

Whereas Gerald Moreno has created and regularly maintains not one, but two stalkblogs against me,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has recently re-formatted his stalkblog in a neon pink theme,

WHEREAS Gerald Moreno has recently confessed to having intimate dreams about me,

I have hereby concluded that Gerald 'Joe' Moreno is a homosexual.


For clarification I should state here that the issue of sexuality means very little in the exposure of Sathya Sai Baba, but for the purpose of bring this information to public attention I decided that people should know the disturbing and documented facts about those who publicly defend Sathya Sai Baba, who is himself an alleged homosexual pedophile. Moreover, I find it extremely disturbing that, along with his homosexual colleagues, Lisa De Witt and Simon Brace, he would keep the issue of his sexuality a closely-guarded secret.

UPDATE June 17 2006: A full twenty hours and five minutes after the publishing of the last update, Gerald Moreno made moves to disguise his discovered sexuality issues by indulging in some serious projection. Inventing a story about my own supposed sexuality confusion, he proceeded to state this as the reason for daubing his blog with a neon pink theme. Unfortunately for Gerald, this is not a logical proposition as even the most 'greenest' professional knows that presentation is everything. Consequently, the choice of a neon pink theme says more about Gerald Moreno than it does about anybody else.

Gerald Moreno would be well-advised to seek counselling in order to come to terms with his surfacing homosexuality, as well as several other disturbing issues such as his perverse sexual fetishes, his own experience of sexual molestation as well as his constant flip-flopping on fundamental issues to do with Sathya Sai Baba all documented in this post. As we can only envision more childish retorts from Gerald, it is considered that no more updates will be made.

It's official: The slander campaign against Sai
Baba's ex-devotees has lost all credibility and is beyond repair.

It's all over bar the shouting.

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  • Dear Sri Dadlani,

    I feel differently from many former devotees – who, when the topic of Moreno has come up, say such things as ‘we don’t read him and want no part of controversy on the Internet’ or ‘whoever would read him?’ or ‘He seems to think that the Expose’ lives on the Internet”, or ‘take not thy brother to court’ or ‘We did not do all that spiritual sadhana to lose peace of mind by fighting with those who attack us’, etc. My own view is that ‘mud sticks’ and that Moreno’s fanaticism, insensitivity, brute lack of compassion (for example, when he writes to those with accounts of having been molested by Sathya Sai Baba), and his defamatory bent can create very real injustices – both to those he attacks and to questioning devotees those the Sai Organization calls ‘waverers’. Do not these devotees, too, who struggle to find coherent discussion, free from Moreno's personal attacks, his muckraking and vindictiveness (he makes phone calls to various points around the world!), his endless quibbling over dates, times, places etc., his failure to understand that, with compassion, sincerity and patience, apparent inconsistencies in victim accounts can be sorted out. Mental health professionals succeed, where Moreno abysmally fails. What victim - especially those who are confused, traumatized and hurt by the sexual abuse directed against them - would ever be able to trust Moreno? Attack-style lawyers and people like him would thrive on this remorseless logic-chopping/person-chopping. Recently, on Yahoo and on his website, Moreno tried (as he does with all those former devotees who have gone to great personal sacrifice to bring out the facts)) to damage Barry Pittard, and distressed a number of people, including unnerving Pittard’s former partner, who have absolutely nothing to do with the movement to expose Sathya Sai Baba. Recently, Moreno was exposed as having, in his urgency to harm and destroy, improperly read a webpage of the former partner involved. He also claimed that there were Sai devotees who substantiated for him his reading of it, and most shockingly (yet again!) libelled Pittard, did he apologize? Did the Sai devotees (assuming Moreno was telling the truth about them?). Not a word. A line of retraction lay almost hidden among a mountain of Moreno's self-serving and self-defensive response when his error was irrefutably pointed out. Moreover, he still further attempted to harm and destroy by again pointing to his (Moreno's) his writings alleging anti-Semitism, which massively jump to several false conclusions. No sense by Moreno that other sensible explanations exist for what he cannot, or will not, understand. No generous spirit at work here! Of course, it is this Gerald Joe Moreno's habit to turn around and say: But look at the 'Anti-Sais'. The truth being, of course, that anyone on either side, is wrong if they employ nastiness. Therefore - no introspection or humility at work here, either.

    My view is different to yours. I do not think that such a blind fanatic will stop, until at last he exceeds himself and crashes under his own sheer weight. Perhaps some of his many Sai devotee contacts will start to see what any teacher of critical thinking can see, and inform him that his bad behaviour is not at all what any mature spiritual teachings teach. Of course, Gerald Moreno's denials of being in league with Sai organization leaders are scarcely to be credited. as can be seen in the way he has almost instantaneous knowledge of certain strategies of theirs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 June, 2006 05:42  

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