10 April 2006

Why Fear When Sai Is Here And Does Nothing?

One of those English bhajans was playing in my head which just drove home how impractical and disingenuous the Sai Movement is with some of it's creative legends. "Why Fear When I Am Here" - yes, why indeed?

One of it's verses goes like this:

"Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah
All came to this land.
All of them brought the message of love,
'Love Your Fellow Man.'"

Aww, sweet. Except for the tiny fact that it is not only historically incorrect but spiritually incorrect too. Fair enough, Krishna lived in India. Buddha lived in India too. Apparently Jesus visited India too if you believe certain stories, but Allah? Aren't we stretching things a bit here?

Neither Allah nor the Prophet Muhummad touched Indian soil, and when the "message of love" (aka Islam) finally came to India, hmmmm, I don't think most Indians were too concerned with with embracing their fellow men when they were forced to convert to Islam or face death. According to one account, the Prophet Muhummad is reported to have said: "Two groups of my [followers] Allah has protected from the hellfire: a group that will conquer India and a group that will be with Jesus, son of Mary."

By all accounts (and I know there'll be some debate on this) but on the whole, the Islamic invasion and subsequent Mughal rule of India was not a good thing. Apart from forced conversion, around a thousand years of genocide, temple violations and destructions, scripture burnings, and other crimes against humanity were perpetrated freely. As Sai Baba himself writes:

"Until the ravaging Muslims sprang on this country no one in this land of Bharath [India] knew what was meant by violence. It is only when foreign hordes fell upon them and resorted to violence that the people came to know how intolerant man can be." - Sathya Sai Vahini

And there sit the white-clad devotees singing bhajans about it to Sai Baba, as if a part of India's oppressed history is a very good thing. This just goes to show what kind of activities the Sai Organisation are engaged in when minimising Indian history in the name of love and piece, especially in a country like India which is a political powder keg and where Hindu-Muslim relations are strained and sensitive at even the best of times.

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