22 April 2006

Halagappa Farce Continues

It never stops! An ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, who wishes to remain anonymous, has the following to contribute after viewing the pro-Sai propaganda of Sai devotee Simon Brace:

Simon told that Halagappa has a medallion... he does, but it never used to flow with amrit in former days. He used to stick it on people's foreheads and see if it remained there or not. Just a trick, I guess, to impress humble visitors.

However, Simon knows nothing of the depths of deceit and illusion practised in India in the bitter struggle for existence. I stayed with an Indian who had a bungalow in Yelahanka (near Bangalore) and there was a mild salesman with a cow who passed by every so often selling fresh milk straight from the udder. He found that the milk was very thin so he began to investigate. He learned from Indian police authorities who (being an official himself) he could question that this it is a common trick to have a hollow rubber ballon-like ball in the armpit connected to a flesh-coloured thin plastic pipe running down the inside of his shirt and arm, fixed with flesh-coloured Elastoplast under his wrist. When he milked the udder, he also squeezed water out of the ball into the bottle!

Since Halagappa holds the medallion half on and half off the visitor's hand, he is almost certainly pumping amrit up under the medallion by this simple metod. Easy to conceal... it takes little practice not to turn one's hand around! QED!

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