20 January 2006

Sai Baba: Sadly Still In Denial

The latest issue of the Prashanthi Bulletin (14th Jan 06) reveals what I think is the height of denial that Sai Baba seems to be wallowing in. Some extracts from his discourse:

"Human life is very sacred. Whenever God descends on earth, He takes a human form only. There is no separate God other than a human being. The human body is made up of five elements. Atma is the totality – formless. We must prove our human nature through our behaviour and conduct ... When God descends on earth, He behaves like an ordinary human being so that all humans can understand Him clearly."

Not only is it saddening to see Sai Baba continuing to make statements of this sort, it is even saddening to see how he continues to rape the sacred and holy philosophy of Vedic Sanathana-dharma that he claims to have come to uphold. These sorts of statements are actually symptoms of a much larger philosophical problem that I intend to deal with eventually, but for now it appears that Sai Baba says such things simply to justify his own very real human foibles.

That is, if you can call them foibles. Homosexual paedophilia, implication in several murders, financial irregularities, cheating the public - Sai Baba stands accused of all of these and so much more! Such things can only be referred to as mere "quirks" when referring to psychopathic serial killers. Although, without exaggerating, we can safely say that he seeks to justify his own behaviour by this merciless twisting of spiritual philosophy. He reveals as much in his own statement, given at the conclusion of his discourse:

"Though My physical body is weak, I am attending to all My duties."

Yes, this is the same physical body that he assured decades ago would be free from all illnesses and sickness, except when it became convenient to take on a dedicated devotee's disease. The same physical body that he recently said was suffering a real illness and not a devotee's, thus contradicting himself yet again. I wonder what Sai Baba himself is thinking when he foolishly continues to perpetuate his unending fraud. It is beyond me.

Looks like it's all very well and good claiming to be an avatar unless something goes wrong.

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  • It's surprising how people still believe in such talk. What will the SSB organisation say when he dies? That he has taken on himself someone else's death?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 January, 2006 15:13  

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