21 January 2006

Sai Baba: "Anyone For A Cuppa Tea?"

I couldn't help but chuckle when I caught this story in the Pittsburgh Valley News Dispatch, telling about an upcoming party this weekend to celebrate the release of Chaibaba's new CD. I had to blink twice and recheck my 'Sai Baba' spelling, but no, just see the extracts for yourselves:

As for that intriguing moniker, Lopreiato says the band was not laboring to find a serious name. But someone mentioned "Chaibaba," and initially they laughed because it rhymed with a spiritual leader in southern India named Sai Baba.

"We later decided it was unique," Lopreiato says.

Chai is an Indian beverage containing black tea leaves boiled with milk and fresh spices. Baba has several meanings, such as "father," "incarnation" or as a term of respect for a holy man.

Well yes, this is funny. Think about it; an 80-year-old man in South India who pretends to be God for a career and finally getting (bad) publicity in his twilight years for his alleged homosexual paedophilia, involvement in several murders, financial irregularities, and the only thing that might be responsible for indirectly getting his name into the mainstream is nothing but a cup of tea.

Not ordinary tea though, mind you, but spicy tea. Sai Baba's Holy Tea is surely not complete without a bud of cardamom or two. And if you're feeling dangerous, add a few strands of saffron.

In any case, Chaibaba happily report success in their musical endeavours:

Chaibaba has been quietly gaining respect throughout the region. They've opened for national act Burning Spear in Pittsburgh, and performed at many of the city's venues, including The Rex Theatre and Club Cafe. One of their most interesting gigs came atop a mountain in the Laurel Highlands during a mountain-biking festival.

Rock on, kids! :-)

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  • no dear BABA is GOD u r wrong. if u have no trust on u how can u trust on GOD.

    By Blogger Yash, at 12 April, 2008 11:59  

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