08 January 2006

International Sai Tribune

I'll be away for a few days due to some other projects I've got on the side. Hope to be back around Wednesday or so.

In the meantime, I'll leave you all with a wonderful little nugget of a site I've found:

Hahahahaha! The ultimate form of comic relief, ever!

Looking back at some of the earlier posts, I see that the author of this site is most probably the same guy who appeared as the "National Enquirer (Sai Baba Edition)" journalist and used to post on the discussion forums a while ago. Looks like he makes a welcome return at least from me, as his stories have had me in fits of laughter. :-)

Obviously meant to be a parody of all things Sai-centric, it's still good for a belly laugh. :-)

I'm still laughing, hahahahahahahaha !! I thought the dog-bakery story was genius! Not only do they get their separate lines, but they must also be split into male and female dogs, HAHAHA !!

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  • Hey, it's the person whose post you replied to on Livejournal (user: simulacra_mei). I just wanted to clarify that I don't believe in Sai Baba at all and to say keep fighting the good fight! (I clarified the sarcastic entry so its no longer confusing, plus I posted a reply to your comment). Thanks for the comment, and I respect for your dilligence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2006 18:46  

  • You seem to have it in for this Baba fella. Though I'm not much for plowing through theological criticisms, I skimmed your essay. It seems to me like you're giving this Baba fella more credit than he deserves, simply by bothering to analyze the inconsistencies in his life story.

    Why not just say, "Hey. Baba's completely freakin' batty, and his followers are completely freakin' batty", and leave it at that?

    I'll admit, though, the Baba has his uses. He's a pretty ace target for caricatures, and he's way fun to photoshop.

    Honestly, though, I do know a few people who are taken in by this Baba claptrap. Believe it or not, they're bright, thoroughly nice people. Still batty, though.

    Now be good and I'll conjure you a Taiwanese knockoff Rolex from the sands of my local beach. Be kind enough to look away while I bury it beforehand.

    Congrats on breaking up with Baba. I hope you don't take up with anyone equally silly anytime soon.

    By Blogger martyjohns, at 09 January, 2006 05:13  

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