17 December 2005


Very people know or have appreciated the impact of humour in the Expose of Sathya Sai Baba. Since the revelations of sexual abuse and other scandals broke around 1999, several individuals along the line have contributed their unique brand of humour to satirise the situation with Sai Baba. Some of these postings still exist on the Internet but, sadly, the majority have been lost forever. It is a cause for regret that I never saved such gems of comic hilarity to be rightly preserved.

Among these satirists was one unique individual who went by the name of 'National Enquirer Sai Baba Edition', or 'NESBE' for short. His posts followed the structure of the typical news item, obviously adapted for relevance to Sai Baba and the machinations of the Puttaparthi organisation. He posted for a short while and then disappeared, apparently because some people took his reports very seriously and embarked on "is it true?" missions. If you read some of his stuff, you'll see why!

I'm glad to see that the funniest stuff I've ever read about Sai Baba has now made a comeback. Enjoy and die laughing. :-)

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