21 December 2005

Leapings of the "Monkey Mind"!

Having reflected on recent blogs that deal with the subject of Sai Baba's teachings, picture scandals, meat-eating, and so on, it struck me how creative devotees are in their attempts to explain away and justify their beliefs in such a figure.

To say that it is speculative is being polite; following on from comments made in a previous blog I'd have to say that mental masturbation is much more appropriate term to describe such wranglings.

Whoever knew that Sai Baba's infamous term "monkey mind" could be spun in such a way!

Update 27/12/05: It appears that serious issues with and against Sai Baba are not the only things that invite the mental masturbation of his admirers. Petty and personal vendettas with critics also constitute a large majority of such engagement. Perhaps I may discuss some of them in due course just for the purpose of light amusement, which shouldn't distract this blog from it's stated purpose at all.

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