20 December 2005

Kundalini? Eh?

In a recent blog about Kundalini, I neglected to mention an important point.

When Tal Brooke was writing of how Sai Baba unzipped his trousers and proceeded to fondle his penis and testicles, being told that a 'healing' was occurring, he also related how he wondered why it wasn't possible for Sai Baba to radiate the healing energies from outside.

I feel that this is a bona-fide line of reasoning to pursue. In the vast gamut of incredible Sai miracle stories, there have been pages upon pages devoteed to how Sai Baba has apparently healed his devotees from afar just by excercising his will. He has been especially notable for remarking "cancer cancelled" to cancer patients, who apparently found out later that their cancer had gone into remission. When such stories and more are reported, one has to wonder why Sai Baba sometimes needs to be "hands-on" with some devotees. Granted, the possibility must be there, especially regarding stories of the earlier days when he personally performed operations on devotee-patients while having no surgical qualifications.

Some devotees have attempted to justify Sai Baba's genital fondling with fallacious reasoning; they say that just as it is perfectly acceptable for a doctor to personally check the genitals while investigating for hernias and other genito-urinary problems, the same will apply to Sai Baba. Aside from the fact that Sai Baba has no medical qualifications and is thus incapable of making informed diagnoses of any medical problems, isn't it convenient that this particular problem (to do with spiritual cleansing of all things!) requires hands-on treatment? One would think that, aside from his love for his devotees, as a spiritual leader Sai Baba should be aware that his fondling actions violate a certain boundary as well as a level of sensitivity on both his and the victim's part. Being aware that such actions may be misunderstood by the general public, possibly because of their vast ignorance of 'medico-spirituality', Sai Baba lays himself open to allegations and suspicions and is therefore responsible for de-facto generation of the same.

Brooke's questioning of Sai Baba's 'healing' methods is a bona-fide line of enquiry.

While we're on the subject of Kundalini, I am reminded of older discussions that took place when I was still a devotee. The scene is set around January 1999 when Sai Baba suffered serious injuries due to a driving accident and spoke about it in a discourse. As I happened to be discussing how Sai Baba's discourses were terribly edited and published in the Sanathana Sarathi (official Sai magazine), a fellow devotee wrote to me of how he was personally present to hear that January discourse of Sai Baba where he had spoken in depth about his accident.

What this fellow had to say was interesting; Sai Baba had revealed that the accident had happened because he was taking on the pain of a dedicated devotee. He had further said that this was possible because the chakras of the Avatar are more developed than those of an ordinary man, and even went so far as to describe which chakra made it possible for him to suffer that pain. When this devotee returned to his home country to happily read the discourse as published, he was shocked and dismayed to find that this 'official' version contained none of the salient facts about Sai's chakras! The poor guy told me that he thought he had been hearing things, considering his personal attendance at that discourse. Rather surprising to find the official organ of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation refraining from publishing Sai Baba's public admissions of a raised and active Kundalini force, eh?

Given that Sai Baba appears to have declared in public that he owns a fully-raised Kundalini, it is worthwhile to see what he says about it. References to Kundalini are littered here and there amongst his profuse discourse record, as well as statements from the literature of senior devotees. To get a taste of how Sai Baba tries to weave the Kundalini mythos into Puranic legends, please see my discussion of the '16,000 wives' issue.

Whereas we have established that Sai Baba speaks of Kundalini in his discourses, claims to own a fully-raised one and is also claimed to 'heal' young males in order to facilitate the rising of their own Kundalinis, wouldn't it be surprising to discover that Sai Baba secretly believes that the whole Kundalini business is a load of garbage? Apparently this is his own take on the affair:

Sai: Kundalini shakthi is balance in mind and action.

Hislop: But Swami, kundalini yoga is supposed to mean the kundalini power rising up the spine.

Sai: That is not real. It is just speeches. People claim this happening and boast about it. It is big ego.

Hislop: Does Swami mean that there is no kundalini power or energy that starts at the base of the spine and rises up the spine ?

Sai: There is no such thing. That is just big talk and big ego. [p.134]

Hislop: But Swami, how about the idea that the snake of kundalini awakens at the base of the spine and awakens each chakra as it rises up ?

Sai: That energy is prana. It is imagined as rising up the spine by the practice of pranayama. The practice of pranayama is dangerous unless all circumstances are exactly correct. It is not necessary and Swami advises against it. [p.139]

- From 'Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba' by John Hislop.

Hari Sampath observed: "It appears that even Sai Baba doesn't really contribute to the concept of kundalini, and in fact seems to completely disagree that the kundalini power rises up the spine etc... he even says he doesn't advise pranayama for awakening kundalini. When this is the case, how can Sai Baba devotees claim that Sai Baba is raising 'kundalini' of the young men he has sex with ?? These statements of Sai Baba himself rule out this explanation from the SB devotees!!"

Sampath then proceeded to make further observations that logically showed how the paltry explanation of 'healing Kundalinis' is used to justify his behaviour of fondling the genitals of young men and boys, and finally concluded that Sai Baba's behaviour amounts to nothing more that "ordinary sexual encounters".

Frankly, I couldn't agree more.

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  • "cancer cancelled"

    What's up with the fucking bad rhymes? Is the amazing ability to make cheesy rhymes a sign of divinity, too?

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  • Ha ha ha, and that's not even the half of it. Try this one on for size: "Haste makes waste, waste makes worry, so do not be in a hurry."


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