07 November 2005

New Wine in Old Bottles?

I remembered something last night. I own the 'old' edition of Sathya Sai Speals Vols 1-11. I know now that the ashram has recently republished the entire set some years back as a 'Revised and Enlarged' edition or so, which includes newer discourses.

What was suprising is that as I perused the edition which contained the famous "I will fly in the sky" quote (given on 21/10/61), I noticed another interesting discourse in the very same volume entitled 'Madhura Nagara' (given on ??/11/61), which does NOT appear in my edition!

What does this say about the addition of "old" discourses into newer editions that were never published before? Who can say if SB even gave the discourse? Where have these discourses been hiding all this time? Who can say how many more "old-new" discourses have been published in the latest volumes? I will have to go through them!

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