26 October 2005

Joy of Joys

Joe Moreno has suddenly decided that he is going to stop writing posts for my attention on certain Yahoo discussion boards. The reason is because he thinks it is unethical to continue his public debates with me after reading a post on another blog of mine that I wrote just over a month ago, where I spoke about some problems I have with depression and so on.

While I am not sure if his concern is feigned, patronising or, surprise surprise, actually genuine, it is clear that he still maintains an antagonistic attitude to me as well as all other anti-SB activists. What a shame.

I wonder why this is even an issue, given that I have been debating on the Yahoo forums since September 2000, both from pro and anti-SB sides, with perhaps just two or three prolonged absences due to offline responsibilities. In any case, I certainly haven't finished with him and his fallacious and ill-researched writings.

I'll of course appreciate his self-imposed break and give myself a chance to compose the response to his article that he has been begging for so long. What a shame I'm no longer an SB devotee, because this is the sort of thing I'd consider to be "Swami's miracle". :-)

At least I'll finally have some time to focus on issues that are strictly about Sai Baba and his philosophical/theological faults, instead of having to defend myself against idiotic accusations that always crop up from time to time when SB-followers don't have a genuine response to make to any reasonable argument.

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