09 September 2005

Ignorance of SB devotees (2)

One of the issues that has led me to think this way lately is something that I recently posted onto an SB discussion forum. Part of this post was displayed here in the first-ever post on this blog. One particularly annoying and irksome devotee of SB (LDW) on another more raggamuffin forum decided that she would comment on it and posted a link to my original post. I shall copy her post here which I've taken the liberty of editing for brevity and I should warn that it contains plenty of invective, which is just about all you can expect from SB's devotees these days:

"I've commented several times on how almost all the anti-Sais have Messiah Complexes which I believe are actually inferiority complexes in disguise since so many of them are losers with mental, drug/alcohol or other major problems and are extremely ignorant yet think they are 'mental giants.' They rant against gurus and yet it is obvious they think they are great leaders who know more than everyone else, evidenced by their condescending tone, etc...
In Dadlani's diatribe below, he shows how superficial he is in stating that God MUST have physical beauty in order to "prove" he is God. If this isn't the most superficial and idiotic thing I've ever heard. Dadlani constantly makes idiotic statements like this though so it doesn't surprise me. And you can't shame this sociopathic idiot. The only think that will wake him up is a jail cell... Dadlani you are as stupid as O'Clery. Hard to believe two idiots can be so stupid and certifiably moronic. I know five year olds that are smarter than these two put together. Besides that Dadlani sounds like he's on drugs most of the time. Yes, another substance abuser."

When you've finished laughing after reading all of that, and you will certainly deserve a prize for doing so, youc an take a look at my reply to tha, again edited for brevityt:

"[Regarding God being beautiful etc.] Is that my own idea? No. Any serious student of Vedic religion (sanatan-dharma) would have doubtless spotted this verse in the Vishnu Purana:

aisvaryasya samagrasya viryasya yasasah sriyah
jnana-vairagyayos caiva sannam bhaga itingana - Vishnu Purana 6.5.47

'Bhagavan is defined as one who is full in six opulences — who has full strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and renunciation.'

"Of course God is characterised with endless qualities, being the Totality and the All-in-All, and six qualities cannot hope to define His Totaily. However, these six particular qualities have been named by Parasara Muni as the CHIEF characteristics of God. And the point that I was making is that God will possess all of these qualities in fullness. Who is Parasara Muni? He is the illustrious father of Sri Vedavyasa, the incarnation of God who codified the Vedas and divided up all the scriptures according to category; the literary incarnation of God who is widely worshipped on Guru Purnima, also known as Vyasa Purnima.
"If Lisa De Witt, ignoramus that she is, chooses to believe that this way of characterising God is "superficial" and "idiotic", then she is guilty of contradicting Sai Baba's own words on the matter. Sai Baba himself has quoted this verse many times and listed them as qualities of God. Therefore it is most hilarious to see one of his followers, Lisa De Witt, expose her complete ignorance of his teachings as well as the teachings of the Vedic religion that Sai Baba claims to have come to fulfil. What can we do with such a comedic situation, apart from sit back and laugh until our sides split?"

At the time of writing, LDW continues to be hung up on technical details and has not admitted that the concept in question (God being full in six major qualities) has it's origin in Vedic scriptures and is thus not "superficial" or "idiotic" enough to come from my own imagination or anthropomorphic desires. So much for her "observation" of messiah complexes among ex-devotees.

This episode actually highlights the degree of ignorance that is prevalent among Sai Baba devotees. One of the most startling things is that Sai Baba himself urges his followers to study the Vedic scriptures in order to get a clear idea of God. Poor fools, I doubt if many of them even know where to start, and so it follows that much of their (queer) understanding of "Bharathiya culture and religion" comes from the Baba himself. What the devotees need to do before they do anything else is to educate themselves. They need to follow SB's own advice and brush up on the scriptures that they hold so dear, before entering into a supposed debate with people who may perhaps actually know what they're talking about.

Ignorance is painful to observe.

Of course if I had the desire to do so, I could very easily carry out a point-by-point analysis of each of her sentences as was my habit in the earlier days. I guess I do not have so much time to waste any more. :-) Most of the time I just let a lot of things go. Because there is a lot of wisdom in the old saying; "You can wake a sleeping man, but you cannot wake a man who pretends to sleep."

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