09 September 2005

Dealing With The Devil(s)

Eek! I think that talking too much about devotee-morons like De Witt in my last couple of posts is somewhat draining.

I only referenced that set of posts to highlight my point about spiritual ignorance. In any case, it'll be a topic that I return to time and again as I experience more realisation along those lines. I hope that I drove the point home though.

One thing that annoys me about such people is the way they even bother to argue when they clearly have no clue what they're talking about. It makes me feel kind of offended. Of course I haven't got a problem with discussing my points of view in a fair and balanced way, but to be automatically judged as "stupid" and "ignorant" because something that you say does not resonate with the views of the opposite site is an extreme brand of fanaticism.

Indeed it can be noted how many SB devotees are indeed very fanatical about their beliefs. This was observed by the letters that were published in the Asian newspapers after the 'Secret Swami' documentary was broadcast by the BBC. Even now, after several years of being disassociated with SB an dhis organisation, to see people holding the same beliefs and doing the same things and not having moved on at all is incredibly painful to see. Considering some of the more glaring inconsistencies that are laid out and obvious to see, it makes me wonder how exactly some people are actually dealing with such issues. Due to a fierce sense of loyalty, they may ignore it or autimatically assume it's falsity. I find that to be an extremely disturbing development. They need to be honest with themselves and open themselves up to the fact that the beliefs that they have held for so long and cherished may not be true after all.

It is a painful realisation, doubtless. But to accept the truth and move on shows character and maturation. I think it all depends on how much respect and longing for truth each individual possesses.

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  • I like the way you deal with this irksome twit who is clearly furious with you for being an ex and daring to state your opinion! and I did have a good laugh! Thanks... and give us more of the same!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 September, 2005 14:51  

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